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Tommie Zito Evangelistic Ministries

We are delighted to present to you The American Awakening, a dynamic movement led by the renowned evangelist, Tommie Zito. Our mission is to ignite a powerful union between churches and communities, seeking God's presence and passionately serving his people.

At the heart of our movement lies a deep commitment to making a lasting impact through powerful street evangelism, Tommie Zito inspires and motivates churches to rise above limitations, transcending boundaries to bring about a positive transformation in their cities.

Over the past two decades, The American Awakening has orchestrated over 14,000 revival services, reverberating within the walls of churches, convention centers, and arenas across America and beyond. We have witnessed the extraordinary as over 4 million individuals have made life-changing decisions to follow Jesus Christ, many of whom experienced this life-altering choice for the very first time.

But our impact doesn't end there. We are dedicated to equipping and activating believers, empowering them to confidently share their faith with others. The ripple effect of this training has been profound, leaving an indelible mark on cities and churches alike.


What sets the American Awakening apart is our unwavering devotion to the powerful

presence of God.

We believe that when his spirit permeates every aspect of our ministry, lives are transformed,

and miracles happen. We are committed to empowering and equipping believers to reach out, to touch the lives of their communities, and lead souls towards the eternal embrace of salvation.

The American Awakening and how your church can partner with us to make a lasting impact on your community. Together, let us awaken the hearts of believers, unite churches, and transform lives for the glory of God. 


Join us on this incredible journey of faith and transformation.

Together, we can bring about an awakening that will shape the destiny of generations to come.

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