Sacrificial Gift


Sacrificial Gift


Product Format: CD, a 3 part series

Language: English

Author: Tommie Zito


The Widow

God uses the least likely person to bless us. We think it has to come in a certain package, but that is not true. God wants us to trust Him. Our needs may not always be met in the same way, buy they will be met. God’s desire is for us to be givers so that He can multiply our seed.

The Shunammite Woman

This story will encourage you to have a spirit of giving. This woman recognized the anointing and sowed into it. When you recognize the anointing, the anointing will recognize you. This Shunammite Woman found out that God is a God of complete abundance!

The Woman with Oil

This woman gave a sacrificial gift that was forever preached throughout the world. Her most precious possession was poured out in love on Jesus for his burial. It was because of her love for Jesus and her faith she was forgiven and was commissioned to go in peace.

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