Product Format: CD, a 3 part series

Language: English

Author: Tommie Zito


Jesus, the Jew

This message is urging the church to have a Godly understanding of what the Holy Spirit is doing on the earth. God has raised up The United States of America for such a time as this. This generation will worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob with their heart, might and strength that will encourage the Jews to accept Jesus as Messiah.

First the Suffering

Be encouraged as you are reminded that you are the tabernacle of David. Our goal is to be like Christ. David went through may trials and so will you as you continue to run the race. In order for you to receive the crown of life you must be tried. Let God work in you! As you listen to this teaching you will be reminded on how you are in the Davidic generation and overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of your testimony.

The Holy Spirit

The world needs the Power of God to help them cope with life. We need to lay our hands on people so that they can receive the Power to overcome sin. The unbelievers will be drawn to you like a magnet because the Holy Spirit empowers you to be an effective witness.

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