The Great Exchange


The Great Exchange


Product Format: CD
Language: English
Author: Tommie Zito

The Blood
Everything is prepared and the table is set. The invitation has been extended to the marriage supper of the lamb. To come, first you must lay down your life, eat of this bread, and drink of this cup. Are you willing to be a lamb? This final generation will be the lambs that shake the nations.
Would you die for Judas?
Your Christianity is put to the test, not by a people who love you, but by those who betray you. Brother Tommie goes to the garden of Gethsemane to reveal the way in which Christ relates to those who are unloveable. God is love and it is his nature to love the Judas’s, and he asks us to do the same.
Judas the Treasurer
Brother Tommie concludes his Holy Spirit weekend message on Judas. Although one of Jesus’ trusted disciples, Judas betrays the Son of God with his lust for wealth, for a mere thirty pieces of silver. God changed the destiny of Judas’ wages as a result of his repentance.
Put aside these things
Brother Tommie’s good Friday message depicts the great exchange: his son for our sins. Jesus endured 39 stripes for our sins, our healing, and our wholeness. The shed blood of Jesus was the cost he paid for our prosperity.

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