111 come to Christ in Florida outreach


111 came to Jesus. God's Glory has been strong. Pearl, a 90 year old lady in church now over 70 plus years, testified she had never seen anything like what she is seeing this week and she cried out for "more". I pray I'm still crying out for more at 90.

People prayed in Starbucks, Malls, at the job site. This is a beautiful move of God. Yesterday at the Pastors and Leaders meeting at the Hilton we were leading people to Christ outside the hotel. The manager and director came over and instead of rebuking us they asked for prayer or themselves as their hotel. They both came to Christ. Please help us spread this everywhere.

Buffalo pastor's meeting scheduled


We're excited to be coming to Buffalo, New York this September to begin laying the ground work for a 2018 crusade to rock the city with the glory of God!

If you're a pastor or ministry leader make plans to join us September 28 at the Millenium Hotel in Cheetowaga from 12:00-1:00 for a complimentary lunch and vision casting session on how we can work together to win Buffalo for Christ.